terrace pot


We originally encountered these flower pots when a local box store was selling tomato plants in them. After much sleuthing, we located a distributor in Canada that helped us to import these flower pots from China in order to replace our hanging baskets. We've had great success with them and have slowly begun to switch over all our plants to terrace pots. Because of their size, the media does not dry out quickly yet adequate drainage holes prevent water accumulation in the pot. Even small species adapt well to these pots due to the media remaining more uniformly moist between waterings. By training the plants to grow upward, we can space them more closely together on our benches.


Other types of plants, particularly those that require support or staking, will benefit from being grown in these pots. Sarracenia, tomato, and Cannabis are all excellent candidates for growth in our terrace pot!


These pots are 10" in diameter, 7 1/4" tall and have a 1.6 gallon capacity. Terraces are 14 1/2" tall.


We are selling these pots for $5.00 each plus shipping and handling.


Because of the size of the box, these pots must be sent via U.S. Priority Mail or by UPS. Unless you order a large number, Priority Mail is the most economical method of shipping.


Unfortunately, we do not accept Pay Pal when ordering these pots. The cost of shipping can almost match the cost of the pots, and since Pay Pal charges based on the total transaction cost, it is not cost effective to accept anything except check or money order.


If you would like to order, please email us with the quantity desired and a shipping address. We will box up your order, get the exact shipping cost to your address, and then send you an invoice. Upon receipt of payment, we will ship your order. Please note: if you wish to use UPS you must provide a residential address, not a P. O. Box.



terrace pot with plant