Our Tissue Culture Services

Perfecting your growing technique for a particular species?  Increase the number of plants you have to work with.

Propagate a desirable clone to share with other growers.

Have seeds germinated under sterile conditions to reduce the risk of germination failure from environmental contamination.

Terrace Flower Pots

Try our terrific alternative to a hanging basket.  These 1.6 gallon plastic pots are 10" in diameter at the top, 7 1/4" tall, and the terrace is 14 1/2" tall.  Even the smaller species of Nepenthes will grow well in these pots since the media is more stable than in a smaller container.

Custom LED Light Source

We engineered a very small and portable LED light source that uses 4 diodes specifically chosen to target light receptors in insects.  Designed to be powered by most USB 5V battery sources, operate this light at night to attract food for your plants.

  • Waterwheel plant in tissue culture
  • Rainbow plant in tissue culture
  • Albany pitcher plant in tissue culture
  • Cobra lily in tissue culture
  • Venus flytrap in tissue culture
  • Sundew in tissue culture
  • Dewy pine in tissue culture
  • Corkscrew plant in tissue culture
  • Sun pitcher plant in tissue culture
  • Tropical pitcher plant in tissue culture
  • Butterwort in tissue culture
  • Flycatcher bush in tissue culture
  • North American pitcher plant in tissue culture
  • Bladderwort in tissue culture

About our laboratory...


Welcome to Ferocious Foliage. We are a custom tissue culture laboratory specializing in all genera of carnivorous plants.




Plant tissue culture involves a fair degree of art and luck in addition to sound science to be 100% successful, especially when working with plants never attempted before or for which there is no precedent. Every effort will be made to insure you get the very best treatment.

Links to protocols we use: